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A sleek, floor-to-ceiling solution 
TrendWall Clear offers a dramatic private office solution for today’s transparent workspaces. With its seamless glass panel transition and ability to fully integrate with all Trendway’s system and architectural products, TrendWall Clear offers the greatest flexibility available in custom architectural storefronts.
TrendWall provides rapid reconfiguration with reusable parts, fewer trades and no demolition. In fact, TrendWall is 99% re-usable. It outperforms drywall, creating floor-to-ceiling space division with pre-manufactured modules that install without construction mess or waste. TrendWall offers flexible
Arc Sign is the solution for those who want the sleek and contemporary look of curved signs, but appreciate the flexibility of modular signage. Arc Sign frames are designed to have an understated presence that allows them to blend seamlessly into any interior design schemes. 
Changeable signage is paramount to any facility. But within a building, some signs rarely, if ever, need to change – restroom signs, for example. But, you want it all to have synergy and aesthetic consistency. Selectively use Plaques Plus to lower your overall project cost.
Main identification signage is usually strategically placed near a building or complex entrance. A wide assortment of extrusions is available to configure a seemingly limitless variety of sign designs.